Healthy Food Access

We help developers and operators of full-service grocery stores, as well as food cooperatives, locate or expand in food deserts and low-access communities. Through our lending program, we help you finance:

  • Predevelopment and site improvement
  • Acquisition, construction, or rehabilitation
  • Build out and equipment

We also manage the Illinois Fresh Food Fund, a statewide initiative to provide loans and grants to develop full-service grocery stores in neighborhoods with low access to healthy foods.

And nonprofits focused on healthy food production, distribution, access and education in underserved communities count on us for the capital solutions and real estate services they need to maintain, equip, improve, and expand their facilities. We can help you:

  • Evaluate and plan your current and future space needs
  • Find the right site and negotiate lease or purchase agreements
  • Finance facility repairs, equipment, and vehicles
  • Finance facility acquisition, rehabilitation, or new construction
  • Manage your construction project — from brainstorming to ribbon-cutting — to make sure it gets finished on time and within budget