Community Development Initiatives

If you are a nonprofit, foundation, or state and local government agency, we can help you achieve your community development goals. We initiate, coordinate, develop, and own real estate projects that respond to community needs, create jobs, and transform low-income communities in the Midwest.

Whether you are just starting to evaluate your community’s needs or looking for a committed and experienced team to implement your vision, we can help develop your strategy and, more importantly, put it into action. We work with you to determine need and opportunities, marshal resources and equity, build partnerships, and manage the development process. We can be a coordinator, turnkey developer, co-developer, or short- and long-term owner of real estate — whatever it takes to get the project done.

Our current projects include acquiring and developing grocery stores in food deserts; acquiring, owning, and managing community-integrated housing for low-income disabled adults; and redeveloping foreclosed properties near public transit into affordable homes and apartments.

To learn more about how IFF’s Community Development Initiatives team can contribute to the success of your community development plans, email or call us at 866 629 0060.