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Sustainable Solutions

Many nonprofits are thinking about the importance of “going green”, both because sustainability goals align with their missions and because energy efficient buildings mean lower utility costs every month.

Yet most nonprofits are already stretching their human and financial resources as far as possible.

IFF can help.

We support nonprofits' sustainability efforts by combining our knowledge of real estate development, below-market rate financing, nonprofit operating environments, and the latest advancements in green design.


View this short video to learn more about IFF's energy
programs and hear from two nonprofits who worked
with IFF to significantly lower their energy costs.

July 2013: City of Chicago's Green Office Challenge is focusing on  Energy Efficiency this month! Read more>>

IFF's sustainable solutions for nonprofits include:

  • Energy Performance Program (E2P)
    E2P enables nonprofits to significantly lower energy bills with energy efficiency upgrades to their facilities, saving them money on utilities every month for years to come. IFF identifies ways to save the most money, manages the upgrades, helps find incentives to help offset costs, and finances the entire project. We manage the process, our customers enjoy the savings.
  • Energy Efficiency Loans
    We offer affordable, flexible financing to nonprofits looking to integrate “green” design and construction techniques into their facilities projects. We finance a wide range of sustainable solutions--including renovation/retrofit and new construction projects with energy-saving elements, HVAC  and lighting upgrades, energy efficient windows, and more.

    **Click here to read about a school that recently used IFF 's flexible, affordable financing to save energy and lower their energy costs.
  • Real Estate Services and Technical Assistance
    Our experienced team of real estate professionals, including four LEEDTM Accredited Professionals, help nonprofits make smart choices and informed investments when planning and developing facilities projects.

Nonprofits that benefit from IFF's sustainable solutions include those that:

  • Own a building or are under a long-term lease
  • Are looking for ways to lower high utility bills
  • Have not upgraded lighting, heating or cooling systems in ten years or more
  • Are interested in incorporating "green" elements into a new or existing facility
  • Want to replace windows or insulation, but don’t have the cash on hand

To view related resources for your facility and workplace, visit the Energy Efficiency links on our Additional Resources page.

Please click here to download a print-ready overview of IFF’s Sustainable Solutions.

Contact IFF today at 866 629 0060 to discuss how our sustainable solutions might help your organization save energy and money.



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