Investors and Funders

Investment and support from banks, insurance companies, religious investors, foundations and the federal government make it possible for IFF's loan program to grow. Favorable pricing enables IFF to maintain below-market rates. Leadership in research and public policy is funded by foundation and corporate grants.

IFF offers its financial partners a sound investment, high leverage and community impact. Investors in IFF's Loan Program support lending throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

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Initiatives and Programs Developed with Funders and Investors

  • In 2012, IFF received a $10 million grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to manage the Illinois Fresh Food Fund to provide commercial real estate financing, including equipment loans, for grocery stores in low-income neighborhoods without access to fresh food.
  • In 2012, IFF received a $4.45 million capital grant from the CDFI Fund, a division of the U.S. Department of Treasury. The majority of the funds are for lending to retail grocery stores, throughout IFF’s five-state region, in communities without access to fresh food through the Healthy Food Financing Initiative.
  • In 2012, JPMorgan Chase provided IFF with a $3.3 million capital grant for charter school lending. In 2011, JPMorgan Chase gave IFF a $4 million grant to purchase Home First Illinois properties for very low-income individuals with disabilities.












  • In 2012, The Walton Family Foundation provided IFF with a $648,314 grant to support financing, policy, and real estate development work with charter schools in Indianapolis. Since 2007, The Walton Family Foundation has given IFF $8 million in Program Related Investments.
  • Living Cities, a new IFF funder, gave IFF a $20,000 grant to support the community engagement component of the Illinois Fresh Food Fund in 2013.

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To read more about IFF's diverse portfolio and impact data, we encourage you to view our Loan Portfolio and Performance and Results web pages.

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Please contact Lloyd Shields, IFF's Chief Financial Officer, at 866 629 0060 or via email for more information about investment opportunities.



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