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Our affordable, flexible loans
and real estate consulting
create opportunities for
low-income communities
and people with disabilities
across the Midwest. Tell us
your nonprofit's mission
and how we can help.

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States We Serve

States we serve States we serve
Minnesota Iowa Kansas Missouri Illinois Wisconsin Michigan Indiana Ohio


Midtown Boom Starts to Shake Up
Midtown with IFF's Help
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Investors Buy $17 Million
in Notes Backed by IFF
Loans to Midwest Nonprofits
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Housing Partnership Network
paper looks at IFF's Home First
program as response to Olmstead
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We strengthen nonprofits and their communities

Watch IFF sharing a mission of change

We believe in making a difference. Through our loans, real estate consulting, or research, we help nonprofits connect to individualsregardless of incomewith a good education, fresh food, health care,
and affordable housing. Our goal is to transform disadvantaged communities across the Midwest. And making a difference starts with providing nonprofits with the right tools and resources they need to succeed. Together, we can change our world.